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Logically is a technology company combining advanced AI with human intelligence and expertise to tackle harmful and problematic online content at scale. We want to provide everyone, from individual citizens to national governments, with the tools they need to identify and disarm damaging and misleading information. Since we were founded in 2017, Logically’s mission has been to provide access to trustworthy information. This has led us to create a suite of products and services to reduce and eventually eliminate the harm caused by the spread of misinformation and targeted disinformation campaigns. We are an award-winning international team of over 120 data scientists, engineers, analysts, developers and investigators, with offices in the UK and India. We are verified signatories of the International Fact-Checking Network and members of the UK’s Online Safety Tech Industry Association. 

Over the past year, Logically’s threat intelligence platform Logically Intelligence (LI) and OSINT team have been working with governments and major social media platforms to identify threats in the information and influence landscape related to public safety, national security, public health and election interference. 

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