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International Standards: ISO 9001Regulatory Certificate (Aviation): CAAC MOC, EASA 145

L3Harris Technologies UK Limited

Company Profile

From 12 UK sites, our team of over 1,400 people deliver unique capabilities across air, land, sea, space and cyber for military, security and commercial customers, worldwide.

As part of the RC-135 based Airseeker/Rivet Joint programme, we deliver strategic and tactical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capability. We provide comprehensive carriage, release and interfacing solutions to integrate weapons and stores onto crewed and uncrewed air platforms.

We offer commercial aviation pilot training with high-fidelity, full flight simulators; flight data analysis for 130 operators and over 4,000 flights daily; and the manufacture/export globally of commercial full flight simulators and training devices.

In the land domain, our T7 multi-mission robot delivers next generation remote capabilities and uncompromised performance. We design and manufacture world leading land force protection systems, CEMA and EW capabilities along with encryption and cyber capabilities. Our cyber capabilities ensure for users an information advantage in the fields of kinetic conflict, cyber warfare, force protection, countering terrorism and misinformation, national security and insurgency.

We are the proud designer, supplier and maintainer of the 50,000 tactical radios in the Bowman tactical C4I system in service with the British armed forces and are working to define and deliver the next generation system, Morpheus.

We provide warship automation systems through control and simulation solutions that are in service on Albion Class Landing Platform Dock and Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers and are being developed and delivered for Type 26 and Type 31e Frigates.

As the maritime industry’s autonomy partner of choice, we are powering the Royal Navy’s adoption of autonomous surface vehicle technology as well as delivering autonomous capability to UK ports and harbours and offshore energy service providers. We have delivered more than 100 autonomous surface vehicle (ASV) systems.

Our ISR sensors, communications systems and precision, navigation and timing solutions are at the heart of many of the most advanced space platforms, while our awareness and encryption tools ensure that we can protect and defend our most critical infrastructure in space.


  • Airborne Warfare
  • Airborne Weapon Carriage and Release
  • CEMA/EW/Force Protection/Encryption
  • Commercial Pilot Training/Commercial full flight simulator manufacture
  • Flight Data Analysis
  • Cyber Security
  • Marine Autonomy
  • Multi-Domain Situational Awareness
  • Robotics
  • Secure and resilient Communications
  • Space based ISR/Space Control/Mil Sat Communications/Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT/GPS)
  • Warship Integrated Platform Management Systems and training solutions

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