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Isode is a UK based software company supplying and supporting secure communications software for military, civil aviation and government customers worldwide. We have three main business areas:

  1. Software for secure military messaging (both email messaging and instant/text messaging) conforming to all of the main military communications standards including ACP127, STANAG 4406, SMTP, MMHS over SMTP and XMPP including gateways to convert messages between different technical and national-specific message formats.
  2. Software for the secure exchange of civil aviation messages (such as flight plans and NOTAMs) between aviation authorities.
  3. Software for messaging, both email and instant/text messaging, over low-bandwidth and/or high-latency links such as HF and SatCom (as well as gateways between constrained and internet quality links).


Isode software is normally supplied, as part of a larger system, via systems integrators acting as primes for large contracts. Current users include NATO (Federated Mission Network, E3A Component and DCIS), the militaries of several NATO members (including the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Romania, US), allied nation militaries (including Australia, New Zealand, UAE) and the civil aviation authorities of over 100 nations.

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