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Instro traces its historical roots back to 1964 when it started operations as a precision contract manufacturer. Today, that heritage of precision engineering and rugged design is at the core of our products, which are now fielded in more than 50 countries. Our main customers are blue chip prime contractors in defence and homeland security sectors where we specialise in three focus applications areas. 

Since early in the company’s history, Instro has been a leading supplier of support equipment. We have developed some of the best tripods and manual pan and tilt heads for military observation equipment. With a proven reputation for rugged, ultra lightweight products, Instro is now a leading system integrator of observation, surveillance and targeting systems for the major Electro-Optic OEMs, putting us at the forefront of forward observation, surveillance and reconnaissance missions. 

Leveraging our core competencies in precise, rugged and lightweight mechanical design, Instro broadened its capabilities in the late 1990’s by building and developing a broad portfolio of motorised pan and tilt positioners. Today, Instro have built a trusted brand, with our pan and tilt products offering a capability uplift for long-range cameras and other electro optic sensors, successfully proven in the most extreme conditions, including the Arctic, Jungle, Desert and Naval. Instro are widely recognised as the centre of excellence when providing stable remote controlled surveillance for critical infrastructure, land borders and coastal areas. 

Instro’s vertical integration of mechanical and electro optic design, with in-house manufacture makes us a partner of choice for specially engineered cameras, displays and GPS orientation sensors for applications on heavy and armoured vehicles. Our technical expertise make it possible to fit sensors onto platforms where space constraints are an issue. Instro are able to not only provide bespoke solutions where space is limited but we also meet and exceed performance requirements in conditions where extreme temperatures, shock and vibrations are normally restricting factors. Ours is an approach that mandates a flexible but no compromises approach to cameras, displays and sensors where standard products are not an option.

With decades of experience in our focus markets, working closely with the leading prime contractors as part of multi-national and integrated product teams, Instro brings real world experience to assist customers meet the demands of today’s military and security equipment programs. 70 employees across engineering design, component manufacture, product assembly and final test ensures we capture the entire process, keeping all critical skills and processes in house. Our approach has flexibility with manufacturing capacity but also enables us to be responsive to urgent requirements for customisation or proof of concept demonstrators that can be fielded to end users for evaluation.

Instro’s leading position in its chosen markets has been developed over many years by focused attention to meeting customers’ needs for rugged, reliable and dependable products and providing professional through life support. Our quality management system conforms to the internationally recognised ISO9001:2015 standard and is voluntarily subject to regular audit by accredited independent assessors. 

Instro remain a customer focused, industry leader. We will continue to provide a service to our customers that exceeds expectations and continues to meet the core values and standards we, as a company, strive to uphold. Instro Precision are now recognised as the industry leader in providing bespoke Target Acquisition, Surveillance Platforms and Vehicle Sensors, but more importantly providing the customer with a capability they can trust. 

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