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Ingenium Biometric Laboratories Ltd

Company Profile


  • Ingenium is a research and innovation laboratory, helping organisations test and trust identity, biometric and age estimation technology



  • We test the performance and security of products so that customers can use them with confidence in their digital and business transformation initiatives



  • The UK’s independent biometrics laboratory for the National Protective Security Authority (NPSA) and for critical national infrastructure 

  • Customised testing services for global technology vendors

  • Assessment against industry standards eg NPSA, FIDO, MOSIP 

  • Internal testing review, artefact creation and training data services for industry and governments


What is unique about us:

  • Expert leadership team, with decades of experience in government security and in industry

  • Exclusive in-house R&D capabilities: artefacts, data, deep fakes, and AI

  • Global partnerships with industry, government and regulators

  • Rigorous research and scientific approach, in collaboration with academia


Key customers:

  • International technology vendor community, governments, defence, security, borders and immigration, and police services

  • UK public sector and regulatory bodies 

  • Confidential partners who are leading suppliers selling products relating to identity, biometric and age estimation technology


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