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Infrastar Ltd

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Infrastar is a computer infrastructure and networking specialist company based in the heart of Gloucestershire, the UK’s ever-expanding hub of cyber tech innovation. By attracting the best IT talent the UK has to offer and providing our experts with everything they need to excel in their careers, we’ve swiftly become a highly experienced and universally trusted provider of IT solutions to SMEs, public and private sector organisations and government bodies.

Infrastar’s expertise lies in assisting organisations with comprehensive services and securing the IT hardware and solutions they require to operate at optimum efficiency. Infrastar is at the forefront of technical breakthroughs thanks to our unique industry reach back to industry experts, which we pass on to our clients to help future-proof their IT environments. Our team of skilled experts are able to take this unique industry access and apply it not only to our client’s immediate needs and existing challenges, but also allows us the ability to demonstrate what the art of the possible is in a rapidly evolving market place.

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