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Hot Form Quench (HFQ®) is the lightweighting technology standard for cost- effective, complex geometries for high-strength aluminium pressings by reducing weight for simpler, stronger structures. The HFQ technology is a hot forming production method for stamping complex-shaped aluminium components from high and ultra-high strength alloys.  

The HFQ process press forms hot aluminium blanks at high speed, which are quenched in the press tool, followed by artificial ageing to achieve full strength. The technology enables extremely complex aluminium parts to be formed in a single press operation, whilst achieving high levels of strength in the finished part using standard grade aluminium. 

The multiple benefits enabled by the HFQ® Technology means that the process is being adopted across a vast range of applications and markets, from automotive to architectural pressings. These benefits include reduced piece and investment cost, zero springback and increased design freedom. 

Impression Technologies has been instrumental in developing HFQ Technology, which is revolutionising the exploitation of aluminium. Impression Technologies provide the knowledge and expertise to support HFQ Technology, offering a fully tailored service to your engineering needs from concept to production. 

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