IceMOS Technology Ltd

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5 Hannahstown Hill

02890 574700

Standards, Certs and Regs

International Standards: ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO/TS(ITAF) 16949

IceMOS Technology Ltd

Company Profile

IceMOS a high technology semiconductor manufacturing company headquartered in Arizona USA, IceMOS employs 97 people globally with research and development in Arizona USA, design and development in Japan and wafer manufacturing in its own factory in Belfast, UK. IceMOS designs, manufactures, markets, and sells proprietary sensing elements and energy savings Power MOSFET switches to customer North America, Asia and Europe with multiple market applications. The vision for the company is to provide sensing products that enhance the safety of electronic systems and Super-junction MOSFETs that enable energy savings in power supplies contributing towards environmental progress. 

Products and technology include: 

  • Power Electronics –  High Voltage Superjunction MOSFET, Low Voltage MOSFET, Radiation Hardened Mosfet.
  • Silicon On Insulator (SOI) and SiSi Direct Bonded Wafers – applications include various MEMS Sensort and various Analog ICs
  • Engineered Substrates – Silicon Sensing Elements – Inertial MEMS (Accelerometer and Gyroscope), Environmental MEMS (for piezoelectric Pressure and Acoustic sensors), Optical MEMS (Micro-Mirrors for AR/VR); Micro-Machined Silicon components; Advanced Engineering substrates for various applications: Automotive, Industrial, Healthcare & ADS.

QA: ISO9001, ISO14001 & IATF16949.

Uniquely qualified to serve ADS members from the 100% owned and operated manufacturing facility in Belfast, UK and with strong design and development teams working closely to define products to address customers business needs in an industry where continuous technology development is relentless.

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