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Founded in 1981, Hydratron provides a wide range of high pressure hydraulic, gas and pneumatic equipment for the Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, and Power Generation.

At Hydratron we have a strong reputation and commitment to maintaining world-class quality and the health & safety of customers and employees whilst providing excellent service & support.

We are certified with  ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001, with vendor approvals easily attained for all customers as required.

By collaborative and sustainable partnerships with our customers and suppliers, based on trust and understanding, we ensure the delivery of first-class products and services.

Typical Aerospace Applications 

  • Production acceptance test stands ·      
  • R&D test rigs  
  • Component overhaul test stands 
  • OEMs and MROs test systems  
  • Test Rigs for Cylinders
  •  Test Stands for Landing Gear and Brakes ·      
  • Hydraulic Test Benches ·      
  • Skydrol Test Benches/ Stand/ Rigs ·      
  • AS 9100 Test Stand for Proof Pressure and Cleaning of tubes ·      
  • Test Equipment for aircraft Valves ·      
  • Test Stand for Brakes and Flow Regulators ·      
  • Flushing Stand

As well as our extensive range of Standard Designs, our in-house design engineering capabilities allow us to create “ground up” solutions for applications where there is no known precedent. We have R&D, FEA, PC/PLC Control and Mechanical Handling specialists in our team working on your behalf.

We deploy technologies ranging from simple manually controlled, through moderate Data Acquisition, to full PC/PLC controlled systems, including remote control and data acquisition dependent upon the project scope and ambition of our customers.

Please contact Hydratron for further product, applications, and consultancy services.

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