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Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd is the original equipment manufacturer of the world’s largest aircraft, the Airlander 10, a revolutionary hybrid aircraft, which combines the aerostatic lift of an airship, the aerodynamic lift of an aeroplane wing and the vectored thrust of a helicopter. The innovative Airlander 10 provides the following benefits:

  • Low cost – Much lower fuel burn than traditional aircraft and a much more ecological and lower cost means of undertaking aerial surveillance
  • High endurance – 5 days in a manned configuration
  • Multi-mission capable – 10 tonne payload capacity with huge electrical power

These unique capabilities mean it is well-suited to a huge range of civil and military applications, particularly persistent surveillance and communications relay. Airlander 10 can undertake missions at lower cost, with fewer assets and with greater capability than current fixed-wing and rotary-wing platforms.  They can take off and land from any flattish surface: grass, water, ice or marsh.

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