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Our mission is to support governments and organisations to achieve sustainable, transformational change in building peace and security, underpinned by the development of human rights-based strategies and programmes.  We achieve this through in-depth security, economic, social, cultural, and environmental analysis; the development and implementation of bespoke programmes based on international best practice; and supporting indigenous partners to achieve societal change, organisational restructuring, and the professional development of personnel.  Horus Global’s team of experts have been working on complex international development and capacity building programmes for over 15 years managing the triumvirate of physical, personnel, and information security for clients.  
Horus Global has grown successfully and exponentially and now brings together a multi-skilled team of internationally renowned subject matter experts who have exceled in helping respected governments, international public, and private organisations to improve the lives of people in fragile communities with long-lasting benefit.
Our legacy has already been felt in some of the harshest of environments and has made that difference where today families live in safer communities, have better opportunities, and are able to thrive in an uncertain world. Consequently, we can manage high-risk interventions because of our experiences delivering lasting results in fragile and conflict-affected states.

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