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We fix, develop and test embedded software for the aerospace & defence industry specialising in DO-178C safety-critical testing


Our Generative AI Research

Recent reseach has indicated that multiple AI Agents with distinct roles (such as CEO, CTO, Designer, Coder, Reviewer etc), interacting with each other to form a development team, leads to higher quality outputs that employing a single AI.

HSS have invested heavily in developing a Multi Agent AI Framework for the rapid prototyping of DO-178C documents, design, to write code and even write and execute tests.

As of February 2024 we have implemented a SOI1 version to write outlines for all the documents required for a given Software Safety Level. 

SOI2 is under development which will be able to generate UML diagrams and implementation details from requirements and hardware user manuals.

Note : Stage of Involvement (SOI) 1-4 gates the development activity for certification, with SOI1 being the initial planning stage, and SOI2 being development.


We currently use these GenAI tools as a ‘value-add’ when certifying safety-critical software for our customers. We aim to commercialise this into a SaSS product.


Our DO-178C Certification Services

 Why choose us? 
   + We deliver superior embedded software solutions by providing ‘fit-for-purpose’ embedded software that meets requirements and is within project constraints.
   + We use the sharpest tools to document, develop and test embedded software to the highest possible quality so you get a ‘Harmonic Software System’.
   + We are highly agile, able to start quickly and adapt to your evolving requirements and needs.
   + No upfront costs, just buy some hours and we hit the ground running.
   + We love what we do!

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