Company Profile

Since 1947, Hale Hamilton, a company today within the Aerospace & Defense group of Circor International, Inc, has been in the business of the design, development, manufacture, supply and support of high performance valves and valve systems required to perform under critical conditions of pressure, flow and cleanliness, in order to satisfy the demanding technical requirements of naval, air and land defense customers worldwide. Hale Hamilton specialize in the safe control and reduction of fluid pressures from as high as 15,000psi (1,000 bar) down to application pressures as low as 0.9psi. Compressed gases handled include: air, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen. Fluids handled include: hydraulic oil, water, glycol, fuel oils, water, sea-water and black /grey water. Defense at Hale Hamilton means professionally engineered solutions, project managed from inception to delivery, manufactured and tested in-house, to strict customer controlled international quality assurance standards, with equipment supported and developed through life. For further information: