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General Dynamics Land Systems - Force Protection Europe

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General Dynamics Land Systems – Force Protection Europe (GDLS-FPE) is at the forefront of vehicle survivability technologies. The company is the UK Design Authority for the UK’s Foxhound Vehicle which has been in-service with the British Army in Afghanistan since 2012.  This unique, modular, light, mine and blast protected 4×4 patrol vehicle provides an unparalleled level of protection and mobility for operations across the spectrum of conflict. It represents, weight for weight, the best protected vehicle available in its class. The UK MoD has procured 400 of these vehicles to date.

GDLS-FPE also supports the UK’s Cougar fleet of larger 4×4 and 6×6 protected troop carrying and communications vehicles (Ridgback, Mastiff and Wolfhound), with spares support and base vehicle DA advice. There are over 750 vehicles in-service with the UK MoD. 

GDLS-FPE  supports the Foxhound and Cougar from its manufacturing and spares facility based in Telford, close to the UK Defence Support Groups Donnington site. GDLS-FPE is currently undertaking Foxhound training fleet uplift to the latest operational standard and completing the build of an additional 24 vehicles contracted in 2013 from this facility. Provisioning of spares extends beyond the Foxhound and Cougar through a number of General Support enabling contracts.

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