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Flyby Technology

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Flyby Technology provides the drone industry with a total ecosystem. From training the best pilots currently flying UAVs beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS), to building multi-purpose aircraft for the civilian and defence industries. Our ability to write compliance documentation has enabled the UK National Health Service to fly chemotherapy from the mainland to the Isle of Wight, and swarm light show creators to fly and put on shows to their audiences. 
Our pilot training is written and delivered by ex-forces pilots who have all held senior posts at the Central Flying School of the Royal Air Force. As many of our pilots are Qualified Weapons Instructors, Flyby has been able to design truly ground-breaking capabilities with utility in disaster relief operations as well as on the battlefield. 
Flyby is able to support any company at any stage in their drone journey, or provide the warfighter with the best in class tactical drones, as well as providing bespoke training or fully-trained pilots. 
Flyby Technology is the industry enabler you want for your team.

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