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Other Standards / Certificates: Cyber Essentials / Cyber Essentials PLUS, JOSCAR Registered

Fat Potato Ltd

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Fat Potato are a unique, family operated SME founded in 2016 who’ve operated primarily in the defence sector. During this time we’ve grown and expanded our presence, having worked across multiple major projects where we’ve delivered high-quality software solutions in challenging and demanding environments. We’ve also got a range of proven expertise in a wide array of technical specialisms.

We primarily work with businesses to transform their legacy applications using modern Microservice driven architectures. We make use of cloud native technologies to enhance performance, reduce costs and improve the observability, relieving the support and maintenance burden of systems.

Whilst Fat Potato has a broad range of capabilities, we mainly focus on Software development. With most of our developers working on Cloud centric roles, many of our team are AWS certified to a high level, allowing for our staff to both inform, educate and help create the right solutions for our customers.

We take our environmental impact seriously and do our best to minimise it, adopting beneficial technology and working practices where we can. We have embraced distributed working technology, which gives employees more control of their work/life balance whilst reducing our carbon footprint from work related travel and office facility heating and utilities.

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