Company Profile

Extreme Cases design, manufacture and supply robust rugged cases, containers and backpacks for tough environments.  Protecting sensitive equipment in the field, during transit and in operation for military and commercial applications.

Proud to be manufacturing in the UK, we are all about custom case solutions.  Over the last 10 years we have delivered a diverse range of highly technical products.  Our innovative bespoke cases and containers are used worldwide by the military, such as, UK MoD, the Bundeswehr (German Army), NATO and European Special Forces. 

Extreme offers a unique range of standard and custom products including Shock Mounted Backpacks (X-Packs), Watertight Backpacks (RHIP), Aluminium Containers (Lockdown).  Extreme is also the exclusive European partner for ZERO Manufacturing and their range of Deep Drawn Aluminium Carry Cases and Enclosures.’