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Evolve Dynamics

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Airborne autonomy. Whatever the weather.

Evolve Dynamics is a UK-based UAV/UAS design and manufacturing company that provides aircraft and software solutions to customers for use in public safety, defence, and infrastructure inspection. Evolve Dynamics’ mission is to find solutions to real-world problems through UAV technology, focussing on user needs and contributing to a better future. Evolve Dynamics was founded in 2014 and has teams in the UK and Ukraine, with global reach.

SKY MANTIS 2 UAV – In 2024, Evolve Dynamicsunveiled a new generation of its flagship platform. The result of a dedicated programme of R&D and close collaboration with end users across sectors, SKY MANTIS 2 also benefits from rigorous testing with defence forces on the front line in Ukraine. The innovative new generation of small UAS technology, SKY MANTIS 2 delivers ultimate resilience, enhanced power and next-level imaging coupled with all the benefits customers expect from Evolve Dynamics, including extreme weather operability, tethered flight, rapid deployment and swappable, quick-release payloads.


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