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Equans Axima Marine UK

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EQUANS Axima Marine UK specialises in HVAC, CBRN Collective Protection, Refrigeration and Fire Fighting Systems; from design to operation, including Installation/Commissioning, Through Life Support and Managed Services Provider.

For more than 140 years, EQUANS Axima Marine UK, and the subsidiary NOSKE-KAESER, has developed innovative solutions to meet the challenges of the shipbuilding and offshore industry. We provide globally recognised leading-edge technology in the areas of air conditioning/ventilation, CBRN protection, refrigeration technology, fire protection and pipe systems, as well as comprehensive worldwide service and always tailored to your needs. We are the world’s only manufacturer of the special brand NOSKE-KAESER®. Whether naval vessels, merchant and special-purpose ships, passenger ships and mega yachts or offshore platforms: EQUANS Axima Marine has the understanding, expertise and capability to deliver customised customer solutions.


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems

Complete HVAC Systems for all types of Marine & Naval vessels

CBRN Protection

Collective Protection, Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Protection against toxic threats or warfare agents


Proven cooling systems provide the correct temperature in a reliable fashion. Be it in the cabin, engine room, storage magazine or Provision Rooms. All systems comply with the requirements and regulations of the international classification societies and are provided with the relevant certificates


Professional pipework is essential for a proper, long-lasting and safe supply of the different systems on ships and offshore platforms. With years of experience EQUANS Axima covers the entire spectrum of pipe systems – for almost all media, pressures and temperatures.

Fire Fighting

Fire while at sea is one of the biggest threats. EQUANS Axima provides class-compliant system solutions delivering comprehensive and reliable protection everywhere on board: From active fire detection to automated or manual firefighting we offer maximum security. Besides proven standard solutions, our product portfolio also comprises worldwide exclusive special technology.

Electrical Engineering

EQUANS Axima user-friendly switchboard and control systems of provide fast, comprehensive and precise overview of the different processes and systems on board. With the EQUANS Axima control systems, the operation and control of systems is optimally managed


High-tech equipment and systems can only function in the long-term and can only be operated profitably while applying a consistent maintenance concept. Such systems must be serviced by trained experts and repaired as needed. For all functions of maintenance, EQUANS Axima customers can rely on a strong service team, available globally on short notice. The same applies to spare parts reaching the location where they are needed quickly applying corresponding logistics


Logistics services, manuals, the supply of spare parts but also training for customers – at the plant as well as on board – are a crucial part of the product portfolio of EQUANS Axima. In addition, we support you any way we can during the entire life cycle of our systems. Our robust systems have a life cycle of up to 30 years. We aim to support you during this time around the clock offering assistance and advice.


Targeted and standard-compliant technical instructions are an integral and indispensable part of the EQUANS Axima systems. This will provide all important information regarding functionality, acceptance into service, operation, maintenance or troubleshooting. Such instructions are provided by us in different languages and formats if requested by the customer.

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