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International Standards: ISO 14001, ISO 9001

Elesa (UK) Ltd

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Since its inception in 1941, ELESA has become a global leader in standard components for the mechanical, machinery, and industrial equipment sectors. Blending advanced technology with innovative design, ELESA has continuously adapted to the evolving landscapes of engineering plastics and metal technology. This commitment to quality, coupled with a focus on ergonomic and design excellence, has led to a unique and internationally recognized range of products.

ELESA’s achievements include:

• Over 300 patents and registered designs
• 49 industrial design awards
• A vast, worldwide distribution network
• An extensive catalogue of over 55,000 product codes, readily available in stock
• Customization options to meet specific needs
• Dedicated technical customer service

Boasting over 70,000 square meters, featuring cutting-edge automated production facilities, these plants annually produce tens of millions of components every year. Additionally, the newly established, fully automated Logistics Centre efficiently manages a large inventory, ensuring over 50,000 products are ready for immediate global shipment.

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