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DTM Global specializes in the design and supply of modifiable off-the-shelf (MOTS) and bespoke low-cost maritime and naval simulation and training solutions to civilian and military institutions, ranging from interactive technology-based training (TBT), part-task trainers and full mission simulation based on affordable commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) PC technology. 

Our MOTS products support training and simulation in the following areas:

·       Communications training:

o   PC-based communications simulation with localized instructor and student positions, with multi-channel operation and customized graphical user interface (GUI).

·       Fleet work communications and manoeuvre training:

o   Desktop simulation for cost effective training of yeoman flag and light signalling, port navigation, fleet evolutions and rules of the road.

·       Full mission bridge team training:

o   PC-based simulation of all aspects of ship handling and bridge management, using modular components and variable field-of-views including:

§  Exercise planner

§  Variable ship types with defined hydrodynamic modelling.

§  Wide area network capability.

§  Simulated bridge equipment and displays:

·       Pelorus

·       Ship’s wheel.

·       Engine controls and display.

·       Bow and stern thrusters

·       Radio communication.

·       Radar.

·       Echo sounder.

·       Integrated GMDSS.

·       Integrated ECDIS.

§  Optional integration with:

·       Engine room trainers.

·       Small arms trainers.

§  After-action review capability.

·       Fire control training:

o   PC-based procedural trainer, simulating the MSI-Defence Systems Automated Small Calibre Gun (ASCG) -DS30M (Seahawk A2).

·       Flight deck officer training:

o   PC-based procedural trainer for imparting FDO marshalling and deck handling procedures, including emergency procedures and vertical replenishment.

·       Combat identification and target recognition training/intelligence training/C4ISTAR training:

o   Multi-faceted software product that provides platform recognition training, as well as facilitating operational roles in intelligence, surveillance and combat identification (CID).  Initially developed for military recognition training, Insight has embraced a network-enabled capability, allowing the rapid dissemination of information to the war-fighter, resulting in increased operational effectiveness and higher readiness levels.  The multitude of data and methods of visualisation can easily be customized to specific end-user needs, and delivered as modified-off-the-shelf (MOTS).  A variety of software plug-ins can be added to rapidly increase training utility and relevance, including:

§  Thermal 3D and night vision (CCD) 3D viewer.

§  3D model editors.

§  Generic sight trainers.

§  Multi-lingual database, extending to aircraft and UAVs, commercial aviation, land vehicles, sea platforms, missiles, small arms and uniforms.

§  Software tools to create recognition and identification vignettes in real time, integrated with digital terrain.

§  Software tools to create multi-disciplinary recognition and identification courseware (lessons and test).

§  Integrated learning management tools to track, record and analyse student performance.

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