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DIS Consulting Ltd

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Defence and Innovation Systems Consulting (hereinafter referred to as DIS) staff have over 20 years’ Defence experience focused upon innovating and supporting Front Line Commands and DE&S in developing, upgrading and maintaining capability and equipment to the highest standards, keeping personnel safe and equipped for the 21st century environment.
Our key services are within the defence domain including land, air, maritime and weapons. We enable, lead and work within tailored multidisciplinary teams containing SMEs, SQEP, industry, academia, and test houses (hardware, standards, software) to deliver technical consultancy and assurance on performance and safety critical requirement and solutions. 
Enabling collaborative flexible working models including the provision of key services including System Engineering, Data Science, Safety, Environmental, Sustainability and Materials (SESM) Assurance, and Material Science across the Products, Systems and Service (PSS), within the product lifecycle.

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