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Digital Concepts Engineering Ltd

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Innovative engineering for the Defence and Nuclear Industries. Our core product is the Marionette™ universal control system – a ‘toolkit’ for Applique Robotics™. Key attributes:

-Modular solution – can be used as the complete electronic architecture in new build vehicles, as a drop-in replacement for obsolete control systems or as a removable solution for converting vehicles to ’optionally manned’ operation.

-Suited to land, air and maritime use – Armoured vehicles, RHIBs, drones.

-Offers control of both vehicle and additional systems (cameras, sensors, weapon systems, manipulator arms).

-Interfaces with common standards and protocols (RS232, RS485, CAN, Ethernet etc).

-IOP and GVA integration pending.

-Compatible with autonomy solutions via a Marionette/ROS interface.


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