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Denchi is a leading supplier of Lithium-ion batteries and chargers to the global defence and aerospace industry with over 20 years heritage in supplying products for military radios, vision systems, manned military vehicles, unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs), unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) and unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs). Many of these products are recognised by international end-users and carry NATO Stock Number codification against the Denchi nCage reference.

We deliver efficient and innovative bespoke battery pack solutions and intelligent energy management systems across a range of industries, sectors and applications. Although defence is our core market, Denchi also produces batteries for other high-reliability sectors including security, oil and gas, renewables, Energy Storage Systems rail and mining.

Performance, Reliability and Safety run as a central set of principles through every product carrying the Denchi name.

In addition to LRQA ISO9001 and ISO14001 we also hold site QAN/QAR certification for IECEx product manufacture. 

We work closely with our customers to ensure our products meet or exceed the tolerances and constraints set out by their demanding requirements. We take great pride in delivering robust energy storage and recharge systems that will provide power in the harshest of environments, and deliver efficient and innovative bespoke battery pack solutions and intelligent energy management systems.

With a range of industry recognised proprietary and generic battery and charger systems, Denchi is also able to offer an engineered custom battery service: We can create a battery design which delivers on price, performance & reliability. Our in-house expert battery engineers work closely with customers from project kick-off to volume production, establishing technical and operational requirements, scoping for performance and life-costs so that cell selection, mechanical design, electronic performance and life-cycle specifications are met and exceeded. Key to any battery’s performance is the correct cell selection, and this is where Denchi’s extensive, independent cell test data provides a unique perspective. Combined with our close relationships with leading cell manufacturers, Denchi  provides a compelling partner proposal for your unique power requirements.

The comprehensive levels of test and analysis that Denchi applies to all product design and build is also available as a service to customers and clients. With continued investment in automation and digitalisation of our production environment to improve productivity, quality, responsiveness, as well as accuracy of decision making, one of our key test features is the MACCOR test Rig; every cell can be checked for voltage, capacity, energy and power prior to selection for battery assembly, ensuring a balanced battery pack for optimum performance. With freezers, ovens and vibration tables, water chambers and fire/explosion protected rooms we are able to simulate all operational environments that a battery might encounter. This same equipment also enables Denchi to certify our own and other customer’s battery products against UN38.3 requirements for air transportation.

Denchi delivers power wherever and whenever it’s needed. We design for the real world and for the toughest of situations.

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