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Increase productivity and save up to 80% of the cost of
DO-178C compliant embedded software development:

D-RisQ Proof Toolsuite

for safety critical embedded software development


Aerospace assurance simplified: D-RisQ’s Proof Toolsuite streamlines aerospace embedded software development, ensuring compliance and reducing costs.

Automatic verification: The objective of our Proof Toolsuite is to provide end to end automatic verification of safety critical embedded software.

User friendly: It is designed to allow software developers to access good engineering practice in a user friendly interface; no costly specialist training required.

Up to 80% time + cost reductions in design cycle: The tools are capable of delivering substantial time and cost savings in the development of embedded software, when compared to the standard “build then test” approach.




Client Project:

Taking Flight with Confidence – Aerospace assurance powered by D-RisQ’s behavioural verification resulting in first SERA compliant autonomous drone flight in the UK powered by D-RisQ software and created using D-RisQ Proof Toolsuite.


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