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D-RisQ exploits formal methods techniques to build tools for analysis of systems and software.  We build bespoke tools for specific customer uses as well as building upon of commercially available and widely used development tools providing independent verification in commercially available tools.  These can be provided under licence.  The tools tackle requirements, and verification of design expressed in Simulink/Stateflow, verification of autocode and of binary.  All these are automatic verification tools requiring little training and can quickly integrate with existing software development processes.  The provision of formal proof supports a ‘right first time’ approach to systems and software development, recognising that with development comes greater understanding requiring iteration.  Hence automated tools can support not only initial development but also rapid re-adjustments to cope with change.  The tools are all aimed at meeting certification requirements such as those needed for DO-178C (actually DO-333, the Formal Methods Supplement).  Significant savings in critical software development can therefore be made.  D-RisQ has an IP bank and skills that have been used to tackle numerous problems in systems and software in regulated and unregulated industries including cyber security, autonomous systems, aerospace, automotive, nuclear decommissioning.

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