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Cranfield Aerospace

Company Profile

CAeS is an aerospace market leader in the design and manufacture of new aircraft design concepts, complex modifications to existing aircraft and integration of cutting-edge technologies for some of the world’s largest aerospace companies

CAeS is developing a conversion to a Britten Norman Islander 9-seat aircraft that will transform its propulsion system from conventional fossil fuel to that of gaseous hydrogen via a fuel cell & electric motor. The solution will be emissions free and the resulting Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) is planned to be certified for passenger flight by 2026. CAeS is an established business with 90+ staff and is one of very few aerospace SMEs globally to have both whole aircraft design capability, and to hold a range of regulatory approvals for the design and manufacture of modifications to existing aircraft.

CAeS is based at Cranfield Airport where the Company has access to some of the UK’s most advanced aviation test and research facilities.

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