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International Standards: AS/EN/JISQ 9100, ISO 9001Other Standards / Certificates: SC21 OE, SC21 Silver

Copas Technologies Ltd

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Copas consistently delivers world class engineering excellence (AS 9100, ISO 9001, SC21) in 3, 4 & 5 Axis Milling in hard and soft metals, cost effectively by optimising advanced production technologies, driven by our highly skilled responsive team. Innovation, Evolution and Excellence is at the centre of everything we do.



Shaun Copas founded Copas in 2006, combining his expertise and dynamism, to deliver world leading quality machined components, cost effectively for his clients. As his clients have grown so has his company and reputation for creating excellence together. 

Copas is a trusted, dynamic, inspirational, progressive company that continuously strives to improve quality and efficiency, allowing us to deliver solutions and value to our clients.


Copas is a market leader and has an enviable record for capability, innovation and reliability, due to rapid response production logics running through its DNA. Exporting globally across multiple market sectors, including aerospace, rail, energy, automotive, photonics and electronics. 


Our experienced CAD/CAM engineering and quality departments, will assist and liaise, to ensure your components are expertly programmed, produced and quality checked to exacting standards (AS9100, ISO 9001, SC21certified).

QUALITY  – AS9100, ISO 9001, SC21

Copas’s core strength is our meticulous attention to detail. Delivering excellence for our clients, through our highly skilled team, advanced innovative production systems and respected quality department. 100% inspection verified by CMM.

Our highly experienced and respected quality department will convert your designs and specifications into FAI (First Article Inspection) reports including COC (Certificate of Conformity) for materials specified to produce your precision milled components.


Copas’ investment programme in Automation and Robotic machinery allows the company to offer 24/7 machining at costs which compete with low cost Countries, without lengthy lead times, shipping costs and delays.

We manufacture 3, 4 & 5 Axis precision engineered components in:-

  • Aluminium,
  • Hard Metals and
  • Plastics.


Post machining finishes are available in:-

  • Silver Plate,
  • Bead Blasting,
  • Anodised,
  • Electoless Nickel or
  • Powder Coated.


Over the next 5 years, Copas will be implementing an ambitious £8million growth strategy that will see us relocating to a new factory, doubling our workforce and capacity.


Copas employs a team of over 50 skilled personnel and have plans to double our workforce within the next five years. In order to deliver and maintain our reputation for excellence. Copas has establised its Academy of Excellence to train our employees in how to deliver our core values across the company.


Copas supports a range of local charities and groups to give something back into the local community to support development and inspire the next generation. 


Copas are part of the global community and we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, so that we can say we played our part in reducing waste and protecting the planet for future generations.

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