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Our Counter-Terrorist Security Systems provide Police, Security and Military with the best solutions from Mistral Security, McTech, IMI Systems and Conjay Specialist Munitions.

EXPENS (as used by the British, US and Israeli Armies) are the proven compact field Explosive Test Kits. EXPRAY and Dropex allow more tests to be performed of Explosive natures of C-IEDs/C-EO/HME natures. BEST (Bulk Explosive Sampling Test) closed Explosives Test Kits are for Threat Assessment Personnel, First Responders and Check Points.

ARC re-useable containment vessels (DDESB approved) allow a mobile/towed Blast Resistant (Gas-Tight available for CBRN) capability for suspect packages/bags (used in US and Europe). GOLAN storage vessels can safely contain upto 45KG TNT (used globally).

D4D and Drug Test Pens detect all those narcotics deemed necessary by Police, FBI and DHS around the world. Just like the EXPENS, they provide a quick/cheap/simple result with a colour reaction in seconds.

Wolfftracker device for detecting movement even through Walls.

MC-4/8-RA a backpack all-weather reactive Jammer against remote controlled RCIEDs. MC-2000X vehicle borne convoy reactive/active protection.

MC-Horizon II 360E and D360 V2 provide tactical 4 layer Drone protection: Detection/Acquiring/Neutralization/Total Destruction.

IMI Ammunition is a globally renowned Manufacturer.

Our R&D Specialist Munitions CBAP, CBX/XX and CAMR vastly enhance the capabilities of otherwise standard weapons.

9mm x 19 CBAP defeats Level 3 Body Armour and in .357” Mag penetrates 140+ layers of Kevlar (3 sets UK Police Issue )/5mm Armour Plate. CBX/XX doesn’t exit a target and is effective in other ways. CAMR in .30” defeats 45mm of Armour Plate.

We also supply Munitions for STANAG, NIJ, GOST, HOSDB and other test standards.

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