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Comera Risk Ltd

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The founders of Comera believe that the challenges we collectively face are increasing in complexity. With this in mind, we position ourselves to align with our clients. With our extensive experience and established relationships, we assist our clients in confidently tackling complex problems and threats. Our primary goal is to create a unique experience that meets our clients’ needs while prioritising their well-being, security, and maintaining a positive strategic direction.

We offer an array of consulting, training, and security services to address a wide range of threats. Our team of practitioners in intelligence, special operations, counter-terrorism, private security, and military sustainability are dedicated to providing customised training, consulting, and research solutions worldwide.

We understand the importance of tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of each client. Our top priority is to ensure clients navigate complex problems and threats with confidence and support.

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Head of Security, Risk & Resilience

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Managing Director

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Business Development & Operations Manager

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