Chemring Energetics UK Ltd

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International Standards: ISO 14001, ISO 9001

Chemring Energetics UK Ltd

Company Profile

Products based on energetic materials (explosive, propellant) for the defence, security and commercial markets. We are highly skilled in design, manufacture, assembly, testing and through-life support of energetic technologies. 

Products & Capabilities

We have the design and manufacture expertise to deliver products that use combinations of energetic materials in order to supply solutions to meet demanding customer and programme requirements.

 Product Range

     Osprey C-IED Cutter

Our unique design ensures a precise and superior cutting performance on a range of wires with varying diameters.

The operation of the cutter is achieved using the stroke from the piston of the DR2005/C1 Metron Actuator.

It is Outside Class 1 shipping, able to function in multiple orientations, on variable terrains, and capable of withstanding multiple firings.

Supplied in a kit containing 5 wire cutters and 5 ceramic blade packs (contains two blades)

    Commercial Devices

Metron Actuators & Gas Generators

       Military Devices

Igniters & Fuzeheads, Canopy Severance & Explosive Transmission Cords

High Explosive & Dem Stores

AP Bangalore Torpedo, SX4, PE8, Charge Demolition User Filled (CDUF) Linear & Conical, ISFE, Electric Detonator, Non-Electric Detonator, Detonating Cord, Detonating Cord Booster, Safety Fuze 


Extruded Double Base Propellant, Mechanite

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