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Capewell Europe is a subsidiary of Capewell, a 141-year old Defence and Aerospace Company in the U.S.  Capewell Europe provides custom-engineered aerial delivery and water survivability solutions and the highest quality products for military services that increase survivability and improve mission success for those that operate globally in dangerous environments supporting national security and other critical missions.  For nearly 70 years, Capewell has been a leader in aerial delivery capabilities for military services around the globe.  Our current product lines include Capewell Parachute Release, Frost Parachute Release, and associated parachute hardware/components.  Capewell also produces the Type V platform (worldwide standard) and all supporting components and equipment.  Capewell’s innovative engineering team is working on future systems development to include force attenuating airdrop platforms, rapid tiedown release systems, and the ability to air drop boats and drone systems.  

Capewell also focuses on the water survival arena for military forces.  Capewell has been a stalwart partner in delivering solutions that have responded to the military’s requirements to increase survivability in this dangerous environment, including tens of thousands of breathing bottles, supporting hardware, and harnesses/flotation systems.  Capewell also provides maintenance and training, flotation collars and integrated harnesses, rescue hooks and hoisting devices.

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