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Cam Lock Ltd

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Established in 1986 Cam Lock forms part of the Camberley Group. Based at a facility in Hampshire in the United Kingdom, at an ISO9001 accredited facility, our in house team of more than one hundred staff work on the design, development and manufacture of some of the most exciting personal protective equipment available on the market.

Cam Lock Ltd is one of the world’s leading specialists in the design and manufacture of personal protection life support systems. With an impressive range of products including aircrew oxygen masks, CBRN Respirators, industrial working respirators, emergency escape sets and firefighter breathing apparatus, Cam Lock leads the industry in respiratory life support.

With a genuine presence throughout the world, including multiple additional facilities in the USA, Canada, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, Cam Lock is purposefully positioned to supply and support its full product range in the global marketplace. Cam Lock has a proven track record in delivering a world class service from dedicated product support centres strategically located to support our existing and future customer base.

As an established supplier to both government defence programmes and multi-national corporations, Cam Lock continues to deliver some of the most impressive products on the market with a level of after sales support to match.


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