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Company Profile

CAE is a high-technology company delivering leading edge, sustainable, digitally immersive training and operational support solutions that elevate mission readiness, safety and efficiency in multi-domain operations.

We are global team of more than 13,000, with a worldwide network in over 35 countries and rich heritage spanning 75 years.

Our solutions are proven learning methodologies leveraging our globally recognised capability and experience.

We are an important industrial asset with a highly-skilled, diverse workforce and world leading edge technologies.  We support jobs and businesses through our supply chain, supporting jobs around the economy wherever we operate.

Digital transformation

The world is changing rapidly, and today, CAE is at the forefront of these technological advances, developing highly advanced mission rehearsal and operational support capabilities alongside our traditional training methods.  We are forefront of the training journey creating the ‘Single Synthetic Environment’, a transformational solution that creates a ‘digital twin’ of any scenario, using real-time and accumulated data to give the most accurate mission rehearsal possible.

Defence training capability

CAE provides its customers with turnkey training solutions as well as comprehensive training support services and integrated enterprise solutions at more than 80 locations worldwide. CAE’s global network of flight training organizations (FTOs) produce qualified military pilots for defence customers, including next-generation fighter pilots. 

Our innovative training solutions are flexible, modular and scalable. 

CAE’s service offerings include training needs analysis, instructional systems design, learning management information systems, curriculum and courseware development, classroom and simulator instruction, maintenance and logistics support. CAE also provides systems integration, systems engineering and in-service support for operational platforms.


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