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Standards, Certs and Regs

International Standards: AS/EN/JISQ 9100, ISO 9001NADCAP (Aviation): NADCAP (Others), NADCAP COMP, NADCAP CP, NADCAP NDT, NADCAP NMOther Standards / Certificates: Cyber Essentials / Cyber Essentials PLUS, SC21 OERegulatory Certificate (Aviation): EASA 145, Pt 21G

Brookhouse Aerospace Limited

Company Profile

Brookhouse Aerospace Limited (formally Kaman UK Ltd) prides itself in being an industry leader in both the supply of total manufacturing solutions based on composite structures and assemblies, metallic fabrications, metal joining technologies, 3 axis and 5 axis machining capability, on-site treatments facility and supply management systems for the aerospace industry. 

We strive to help our customers to operate more competitively through our commitment to both our customers and our suppliers; building upon our knowledge and competence, demonstrating initiative, commitment and conduction business professionally, ethically and respectfully. 

Our current capacities and capabilities include:

  • A Composite Design to Print (DTP) and Build to Print (BTP) manufacturing capability.
  • Large fabrication shop comprising of a strong capability in metallic details fabrication and mechanical sub-assemblies.
  • Fully NADCAP approved Special Processes Treatment facility including a chromic acid anodise line using a fully automated loading, immersion and transfer between 8ft x 3ft x 5ft deep tanks. 
  • PDF plant with full NADCAP approval, vac blasts & zinc spray, painting, welding and knitting to production line, operational 24/7.
  • Current equipment includes 6 x autoclaves (max 3.5m x 13m), clean room, spray shop, ply cutting facility, laser ply, comprehensive lab, programmable oven.
  • Fully approved laboratory integrated test analysis and investigation.
  • Dedicated spares and repairs service.
  • ISO9001, EN/AS9100, NADCAP

General manufacturing capability for throughout:

  • Manufacture and ship 1500 parts consume 2000sqm of composite material
  • Use 300sqm of consumables & 300 honeycomb cores.
  • Spray 170 liters of paint
  • Conduct 100 Autoclave Cure Cycles & 40 oven cycles.

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