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BOXARR is a software platform that makes real-world complexity “human readable”, manageable, and actionable. Used in blue-chip companies and at the highest levels of military and government Worldwide, BOXARR directly supports decision making and helps address real-world challenges which affect revenues, security, and people. BOXARR’s unique system turns knowledge – both from people and existing data sources – into real-world scalable, boxes-and-arrows models. It enables people to collaboratively create Digital Twin models of their complex organisational challenges. Intuitive to use, our models encapsulate truly vast complexity, yet allow simple and effective “what if” analysis.

Our solution addresses the convergent business domains of Systems Engineering, Supply-Chain, Process and Planning. With a robust solution for each of these domains, BOXARR is unique in being able to derive additional value through spanning across them.

The benefits of deploying BOXARR include a better understanding of risk and clear visibility of mitigation options, identification of cost reduction opportunities, planning of more realistic schedules and enabling achievement of consistent product quality and regulatory compliance.  BOXARR saves companies time and money, whilst enabling a reduction in risk.

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