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BiD Masters provides bid, proposal and tender advice, guidance and support. As a JOSCAR accredited organisation, we are passionate about making the competitive tendering process more productive, efficient and rewarding, helping our clients to maximise their contract win probability.

While we are industry-agnostic, the majority of our clients come from defence, aviation, maritime, transport and infrastructure sectors. With decades of experience in establishing a contract-winning culture, our team of bidmasters seamlessly integrates into any team, assisting in capturing and communicating solutions more powerfully. 

Our support is delivered via custom-built teams of specialists to meet the requirements of each unique project and to enhance the existing skills of the client’s core team. Our skillsets include capture planning, bid management, bid writing, editing, reviewing, graphic design, formatting and proofreading – everything that will take you from tender analysis to submission. 

Whether you are a large-scale organisation, an SME or anything in-between, responding to a PQQ, ITT or an award submission, BiD Masters can help.

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