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Software for Multilingual OSINT, DOMEX, DOCEX, and Advanced Digital Forensics

Having the upper hand in negotiations, conflicts, and diplomacy is all about being able to find and connect relevant information when it’s needed. Our powerful suite of text analytics products and digital forensics services puts that capability into the hands of analysts in all areas of government around the world.

Governments Around the World Rely on Basis Technology Software

Basis Technology was founded in 1995 by MIT-educated engineers with experience living and doing business abroad. Today, with 60+ government deployments (200+ commercial) and over a decade of experience, Basis Technology is a trusted source of multilingual text analytics and digital forensics for government agencies and system integrators. Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, we also have offices in the D.C. metropolitan area, Tokyo, and San Francisco.

Text Analytics to Analyze Big Data

Governments integrate our linguistic software components into existing applications or use our robust and high-throughput SDKs to build new applications. Our tools enable classification, management, and analysis of very big data sets of unstructured, multilingual text.

The output of our comprehensive Rosette suite—tagged and analyzed data in 40 languages—feeds into information retrieval, visualization, link analysis, and pattern and trend analysis applications. Rosette empowers these applications to return precise and comprehensive results.

Name Matching and Translation for Identity Resolution

With names extracted from data by Rosette Entity Extractor, Rosette’s name components will translate or correct names to standardized spellings, eliminating the problems of inconsistent and “messy” real-world data. Once names are matched across documents and combined with biometric data and biographical information, identity resolution becomes a reality.

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