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Avanti Communications Group plc

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Avanti Communications is a carriers’ carrier, selling wholesale data telecoms connectivity to service providers that use it to create networks for enterprise, carrier, government and consumer users. Avanti’s network consists of:- two HTS satellites, HYLAS 1 and HYLAS 2; a multiband satellite ARTEMIS and two further satellites in construction, HYLAS 3 and 4, supported by an international fibre network connecting its gateways and data centres in multiple countries. Avanti has GEO satellite network spectrum filings in the ITU Master Register for Ka band at 33.5° West and 31.0° East and for Ka, Ku, S and L-band at 21.5° East. Avanti serves customers across EMEA.

Avanti Government Services (AGS) offers secure, reliable high-speed connectivity to four core sectors: Defence & Security; Government; Civil Contingency and Emergency Services. Avanti enhances critical communications and cost-effectively supports the most demanding data applications with secure gateways, steerable antennas and military bandwidths available.

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