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Audere Group Ltd

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Audere was founded in 2015 with its origins in facilitating foreign direct investment, reconstruction, and security contracts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti, Israel, Gaza, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. We were established to meet the growing demand for intelligence-led security, commercial intelligence, investigations, and risk advisory services from blue-chip clients, aiming to mitigate security, reputational, and financial risks. Headquartered in London, Audere has a global footprint, with a strong presence in North America, Asia-Pacific region, including India, Pakistan, Singapore, and Japan; the Middle East, Central and Eastern Europe, including Ukraine. Under a strong leadership team, our security personnel are screened, vetted, qualified, appropriately equipped, and highly motivated. They have extensive experience in handling complex and high-risk situations globally, with a proven track record of seamlessly switching between hostile and less volatile security environments. This capability is particularly relevant to the provision of multi-regional security services, where risk to client operations is varied, with threats including violent state and non-state actors, foreign and domestic intelligence activities, popular discontent (protests or revolutions), corporate espionage, organised criminal activity, and climate threats. 

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