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International Standards: ISO 9001Regulatory Certificate (Aviation): Pt 21J

ATL Europe (UK) Ltd

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Now part of the KDC Group, ATL Europe has enhanced its capability providing unmatched technical expertise and competitive pricing. We manage the entirety of your certification and approval processes, ensuring compliance with EASA Part 21J, UK MOD DAOS, ISO 9001:2015.

As a trusted EASA Part21J Design Organisation Approval (DOA) and ISO9001:2015 accredited provider, ATL Europe has been at the forefront of aerospace solutions since 1947. Founded by Sir Freddie Laker and with experience of over seven decades, we serve the global MRO, operator, and owner communities, providing innovative design and repair solutions.

Our extensive catalogue boasts over 1000 ready-to-implement DOA solutions, inclusive of STCs, positioning ATL Europe as a seasoned certification authority and your go-to source for innovative solutions and installation kits.

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