Company Profile

For over eight decades, ARINC has provided communications, engineering, and integration to deliver mission-critical solutions to the commercial, government, and defense industries. Weve helped develop and implement solutions to help strengthen security around the globe and whether its sending and receiving information securely, providing mobile wireless networks, supporting systems that guard nuclear power plants, or developing the latest biometric tools, ARINC delivers. The ARINC Integrated Border Information and Control System (IBICS) solution enables governments and stakeholders to incorporate border control technologies seamlessly and transparently into passenger check-in. With IBICS, advance passenger information, document authentication, and biometric and biographic data collection and authentication systems are integrated with check-in, baggage, boarding and other systems involved in passenger processing. Headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, USA, we have 3,100 employees located in more than 100 offices around the world with customers in 104 countries plus regional headquarters in Singapore and London.