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Apex Vanguard Limited was formed to develop a range of specialist surveillance, security, and operational security camera systems.

Apex Vanguard has harnessed the expertise of a range of specialists. This includes former serving Military and Police personnel, industrial designers and electronics and communications experts. Eminent in their respective fields, they have been the crucial elements in developing The Hecate Camera System, as the first in a series of security and surveillance products.

The Hecate Ruggedised Tactical Camera System is a specialist multi-platform camera system that offers dual purpose operational capability. The unit is optimally deployed for K9 and pole mounted search and surveillance tasks.

Featuring a unique three-camera system – thermal imaging, infrared and wide view day cameras. 

This powerful combination is supported by an integrated COFDM microwave transmission module with all the video and encrypted data transmitted to a fully functional ergonomic hand-held receiver unit.

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