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Aperture Strategy specialises in developing coherent strategies to cater for complex environments using a unique, end-to-end, systems-based approach.   Grounded in systems theory, the approach has been proven in a range of settings including both operational level conflict resolution, MOD, FCDO and CabOff strategy planning and Health Care settings, the Aperture Framework is scalable and versatile.  Recent work with conceptual AI applications indicates the process has great utility in next generation AI supported decision making.  

Aperture Strategy can work in collaboration with other Defence Suppliers where there is a need to work with the customer to find pathways to deliver of specific approaches or activity.  

Aperture Strategy can also help Defence Supplies themselves determine the optimum direction of travel to maximise opportunities and focus delivery.  The end-to-end approach ensures that the strategy solution is implemented in a way that caters for unpredictable nature of complex and competitive environments.

In sum, Aperture Strategy’s framework offers strategy through a different lens.

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