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Allen-Vanguard is a leader in providing customized solutions for defeating Radio Frequency (RF) based terrorist and extremist threats; these include the continued global threat posed by Radio Controlled IEDs (RCIEDs) and the increasing prevalence of Drones (Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)) used for both nuisance and more lethal means. Defense Forces, Public Safety & Security agencies around the world trust our capability solutions to provide integrated capabilities to help save lives every day. 

All of Allen-Vanguard’s capabilities are developed and delivered in conjunction with domain knowledge experts and intimate support is provided by our Field Service Representatives, who are subject matter experts in the field of RF protection systems. Their front-line experience in combat theatres, law enforcement and intelligence ensures that customers receive the analysis, advice, training and support necessary to foresee and prevent current and emerging threats.

Users worldwide trust Allen-Vanguard capabilities for protection of personnel and facilities to ensure safe and secure freedom of movement as they complete their dangerous missions. Our operationally proven systems are developed in close collaboration with end users, tested to provide the highest levels of assurance and supported worldwide to ensure maximum operational availability.

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