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ALL.SPACE, based in the UK, is a key defence partner in the AUKUS pact. They specialize in advanced satellite communication systems used by respected organizations like the UK Ministry of Defence and the US Department of Defense.

ALL.SPACE’s breakthroughs are revolutionising satellite data exchange and enhancing network security, resiliency, and agility. ALL.SPACE’s unique full-performance multi-link capability enables persistent connectivity across multiple satellites and orbits, which is critical for uninterrupted operations. This ensures real-time access to vital information for strategic decision-making by defence personnel and government officials.

Over the last decade, ALL.SPACE has made significant strides in satellite technology, making them leaders in modern warfare communication. The technology provides simultaneous access to commercial and government space assets, providing strategic advantages for the UK and its allies across different platforms.

Additionally, ALL.SPACE’s partnerships with the US Army NGTT and the Rapid Capabilities Office of the Ministry of Defence demonstrate their commitment to advancing defence communications.

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