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For more than forty years, AlixPartners has helped businesses around the world respond quickly and decisively to their most critical challenges – circumstances as diverse as urgent performance improvement, accelerated transformation, complex restructuring and risk mitigation.

These are the moments when everything is on the line – a sudden shift in the market, an unexpected performance decline, a time-sensitive deal, a fork-in-the-road decision. But it’s not what we do that makes a difference, it’s how we do it.

Tackling situations when time is of the essence is part of our DNA – so we adopt an action-oriented approach at all times. We work in small, highly qualified teams with specific industry and functional expertise, and we operate at pace, moving quickly from analysis to implementation. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients until the job is done, and only measure our success in terms of the results we deliver.

Our approach enables us to help our clients confront and overcome truly future-defining challenges. We partner with you to make the right decisions and take the right actions. And we are right by your side. When it really matters.

In the Aerospace & Defence Insustry, we work with operational equipment manufacturers, defence contractors, airlines, and the military to identify performance opportunities, strengthen balance sheets, and focus on definitive and measurable results. Crucially, we build muscle memory so that companies are transformed and attuned for long-term growth. Our experienced teams have served in the military, are aerospace engineers and bring dedicated service offerings to organizations facing challenges on multiple fronts.

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