Company Profile

Aeromet International Ltd is a UK-based, world leader in the production of premium quality Aluminium and Magnesium Sand Castings, Aluminium Investment Castings, SOPHIA High Property Aluminium Investment Castings and A20X High Property Castings for the aerospace, military and defence industries from its 3 facilities.

Aeromet also offers castings fully machined, surface treated/painted, assembled and kitted as per customers requirements. Aeromet hold NADCAP, AS 9100, BS EN ISO 9001 and ISO14001 approvals. Aeromet also offer a Rapid Prototyping service.

Aeromet has developed, patented and received full aerospace approval for its new alloy A20X, which is the world's strongest commercially available cast aluminium alloy. A20X is in use in production programmes now.

Aeromet's Worcester facility is the only Boeing approved investment foundry in Europe.