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Founded in 2006, ADDEV Materials is a medium-sized asset-holding business with more than 700 employees working at more than 25 sites around the world, and total sales of €170 million.l

With headquarters in Lyon, France, it designs custom value-added solutions to improve industrial performance and specialises in:

  • Films and tapes converting
  • Chemicals and custom packing

For over ten years, ADDEV Materials – the partner of choice of world class manufacturers – has offered its customers innovative and responsible materials solutions, centred around the three key elements – materials, converting, service.

Historically focused on the converting of flexible materials such as adesive tapes and technical films, ADDEV Materials has expanded its expertise to include liquid custom packaging solutions, adhesives, chemicals and aerospace & defense coatings. This was achieved through the acquisition of DIMEX (Toulouse, France) in 2015,  VMS Aircraft (Sand Diego, USA) in 2016, and the Graytone Group (comprising Pexa and PSG in the UK), Andpak and Zipchem (USA) in 2019.

The acquisition of Pexa and PSG has established ADDEV Materials as a key player in aerospace paints and coatings distribution, representing leading manufacturers such as AKZO, PPG, Henkel and Sherwin-Williams.

Through the acquisition of Andpak, the ADDEV Materials custom packaging operation provides and unrivalled expertise in repackaging chemical products into multiple formats, with a complete service including product conditioning, traceability and labelling.

The acquisition of Zipchem has established ADDEV Materials as a manufacturer of aerospace approved Corrosion Inhibiting Compounds (CICs), general-purpose surface preparation cleaners, greases, silicons, Teflon, graphite lubricants, interior and exterior cleaning products.

ADDEV Materials is now an international specialist player in custom chemicals, coatings, adhesives, surface treatments and ancillary products for the Aerosapce, Space and Defense industries.


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