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2iC is an award winning, innovative UK software company setting the standards for future defence systems. As proven thought leaders in digital interoperability, 2iC’s off-the-shelf software delivers the capability and cost benefits previously only enjoyed by enterprise-class software to the tactical environment.

2iC firmly believe that in the 21st century tactical computer systems should be able to easily digitally interoperate. Further these systems should be flexible to adapt to changing circumstances, with significant system changes made in hours and days, not months and years.

2iC has solved the problem of both connecting and then coordinating previously standalone systems anywhere; whether on soldiers, vehicles and bases or distributed systems in the civil world.

The Lean Services Architecture (LSA) is an open schema-based architecture that provides a Services Orientated Architecture (SOA) in the operational and tactical military domain, or other similar environments.

2iC invented the Lean Services Architecture and the Ministry of Defence (MoD) published it using the Open Government Licence. The Lean Services Architecture is an important part of the MoD strategy as it realises the benefits of open systems and enables interoperability at the tactical level.


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