BWV Device

On 04 November, the government published its updated technical guidance for police forces when procuring and deploying Body Worn Video (BWV) devices.

The paper is an updated version of the Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST) Body Worn Video technical guidance published in May 2014. The new guidance has been issued to reflect the improvements in BWV technology, and with the increased commitment to the large-scale deployment of BWV devices.

The guidance is designed to both assist police forces when procuring and deploying BWV devices, as well as to enable industry in understanding the technical functionality required by the police. On a national level, the guidance is intended to improve conformity across all BWV devices – particularly around effective operational functionality, safeguarding data, and capturing the best possible evidence. Furthermore, it aims to ensure that evidence produced by BWV can be shared with all stakeholders in the criminal justice system.

At 18 pages and using a lot of pictures and diagrams to illustrate requirements, the guidance better enables the UK security industry to understand the BWV requirements of the police.

The government also issued guidance on safeguarding BWV data.